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What is Aether & Iron?

Aether & Iron is a lightweight RPG focusing on exploration and immersion set within a science-fiction inspired 1930s New York City where humanity has discovered how to manipulate gravity.


You are a smuggler, a savior to some, a pirate to others. When a groundbreaking reveal at the New York Worlds Fair leads scientists around the city to disappear, a failed job drags you into a much larger political drama, filled with shady gangsters greedy industrialists, and secret societies.


A Metropolis of Many Faces!

A different take on an old classic

Taking place in the 1930s, Aether & Iron is a romanticized take on New York City where humanity discovered aether after the American Civil War, a substance which allowed us to manipulate both gravity and matter. All the thrill and drama of the gangster era, with a new, futuristic spin.


Investigation or survival? 

You'll be faced with a crucial decision: do you prioritize your income and forsake valuable information, or sacrifice your earnings to obtain the intel you need? With the clock ticking, make your choices wisely and experience the excitement of high-stakes decision-making!


The cars of Aether & Iron are symbols of prestige and tools of survival. You will be able to evolve and adapt your vehicular motor pool with unique equipment and weaponry to be prepared for any situation.


Forced to be a Hero

Giovanna Randazzo is a smuggler who lives on the outskirts of society, making her living by taking advantage of each island having their own concept of what is legal and illegal. When she comes across a scientist trying to escape the city, she is pulled into a much larger story that will take her on a whirlwind adventure to try to keep her new friend safe while finding who, or what, is behind all of it.


No Alternatives

“There is no alternative to the future!”  is a widespread motto in New York. Used initially to welcome a hopeful future, the phrase soon justified every action the Barons took to control their islands. For those who lived on an island, otherwise known as glorified company towns, there often was no way to object to their Baron. You are the only link between islands, will you be their alternative? 

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