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What is Aether & Iron?

Aether & Iron is a real-time tactical strategy game where you collect vehicles to fight in fast-paced, "dog-fight" combat.


You are the true heir of your father’s Aether Barony, betrayed by your brother and thought dead. He now threatens the whole city.

Choose your own path to reclaim what is rightfully yours: create alliances, find your heroes, and decide who lives or dies in New York.. 


A Metropolis of Many Battlefields!

A Dynamic Environment

The real-time combat requires you to be aware of your surroundings at all times. You need to take advantage of the opportunities offered by obstacles presented in your path.


Fast-Paced Flying Combat

The combat of Aether & Iron is high-octane and fast moving. You will use your arsenal of flying vehicles to engage your enemies in dog-fight style combat with high-flying maneuvers that test your nerve. Should your pilot's nerve fail, the consequences shall be dire.


The cars of Aether & Iron are symbols of prestige and tools of war. You will be able to evolve and adapt your vehicular motor pool with the unique equipment and weaponry that every battlefield demands.


The Hero Rises!

Your father's Barony belongs to you, not your sadistic, traitorous, and entitled rival. The skyways of New York have now become soaked in his endless wars of expansion. Removing him from power is not only your right, but now the only way to save the city.


Keep Your Allies Close...

Along the journey, you will find unexpected friends and villains with their own agendas. Which factions will you ally with and who will you align against? Who will you dispose of and who will you reward with loyalty? Your rise to power is filed with uncertainty, but ultimately, it is your story to tell.

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