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The City in the Sky

You find yourself in a 1930’s Feudalized New York, instead of sprawling out, the dawn of the Gilded Age bestowed upon humanity the ability to build into the skies.

Turn-Based Vehicle Combat

In a thrilling turn-based tactical RPG, you must build your army of flying gangster vehicles, explore the floating regions of New York, and decide the path you wish to take in conquering the sleepless city.

Usurp Power, Rise to the Top

You become the Usurper, an apparent nobody who sees the current chaos in the city as an opportunity to rise, rally the people, and dethrone the vile Emperor of New York.

The City in the Sky

A New Age in the Empire City!

A Gilded Age marvel! The discovery of Aether allowed New York to build up into the heavens! Can you master the power of Aether?


The Warring Kingdoms of New York!

New York swelled with tens of millions and became divided into warring feudal factions. Can you take advantage and rise above the chaos?


Unique Turn-Based Vehicle Combat

A Elegant Steed for a Less Civilized Age!

The skies of a flying metropolis are perilous, with only the bravest of pilots thriving. Do you have the moxie to fly amongst the best?


Turn-Based Tactics in the Skies!

Take part in fast-paced tactical battles amongst the floating islands of New York. Can you wrestle control of the skies?


Usurp Power - Rise to the Top!

A Responsive and Living World!

As you conquer your way through the grand metropolis, the world will react to your decisions. Do you have the chops to lead all of New York?


Keep Your Allies Close, and Your Villains Closer!

Along the journey, you will find unexpected friends with their own agendas. To whom will you show loyalty? To whom will you scorn?

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