Our Games

Seismic Squirrel is a small team of developers with a million ideas constrained by the cruel forces of space and time. Fortunately, we are able to currently have four projects in development: Lights of Fellion, Leviathans: Armored Skies,
the Wild Wings universe, and our game books. 

Lights of Fellion

          The world between the light and the dark is both grey and vibrantly colorful. Come explore Fellion with Somi, a young Sazi of the woods as she loses her way and finds a new home.

          The new world of Fellion was once liberated from the darkness Somi called home. Yet, with her arrival, it seems the Darkness threatens the peace once again.

Wisteria Fantasy Forest


          War has begun, and a terror haunts the skies of the world. Its steely machinations screech and scream in between the blasts of the coal furnace and sparking tesla coils.

          Enter the world of Leviathans, a universe created by Catalyst Game Labs, and become the captain of your very own flying ship during an alternate history of the Great War.

Wild Wings

          Motivated via existential threat, a group of scientists composing the worlds brightest minds conspired to create a race of sentient aircraft known as the Wild Wings to fly into combat and defeat the forces of evil consuming the world. 

          The Wild Wings universe created by Hank Caruso is vast and brimming with exciting stories of daring pilots and evil anthropomorphized mechanical villains. Enlist, fly, and fight!

Wild Wings Banner
To Kill A Dragon In Space Gamebook

Tributary Gamebooks

          The mystery found within a book is not the story on the page, but in how some lifeless ink and dead trees can create a whole new world in your head.

          The Tributary Gamebooks bring that world creation to a whole new level, allowing the reader to choose their own adventure in stories of dragons in space, civilizations on the moon, and a boy lost upon an endless magical sea.