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Join the Fight for Good Game Design

Seismic Squirrel is looking for gamers who are excited to get access to games early and love sharing their thoughts as they play.

If you are interested in being added to our player pool then click the link below and fill out our demographic form. The information you provide will help us match you up with the goals of each playtest.


The Game: Æther & Iron

Æther & Iron is a tactical RPG set in a retro sci-fi Roaring ‘20s/Gangland 30s with flying cars and a floating art deco feudal New York. The player is a disenfranchised outsider who aims to rise to the top of society and change the world through a mix of crime, power, fame, and guts!

Who can be a playtester

Any adult, 18 years of age or older is eligible to join our pool of gamers that we will use to select participants throughout game production.

If I sign-up am I guaranteed a spot in a playtest?

Everyone who applies will be in the pool of gamers we select our participants from, we want any and all types of players. We do not discriminate.

Your chances of getting selected will depend on how many gamers apply and how many test we run. Typically we try to schedule a playtest every couple of weeks. Once we enter a wider Alpha or Beta testing phase we will be testing continuously,  so don't get discouraged if you don't hear back immediately.

What can I expect if I am chosen for a playtest?

A typical playtest session will involve the following activities:

  • Connecting with the test team through Discord

  • Playing a test build through Steam (60-90 minutes)

  • You will share your screen and be asked to "think-out-loud" as you play, sharing what you are thinking so we can understand your experience.

  • At the end of the session we will give you a chance to summarize your experience and then fill out a questionnaire where you will be asked specific questions related to the goals of that day's playtest.

What will I need to participate?

In order for you to be able participate you will need the following requirements:

  1. PC computer running Win64. OR...

  2. Mac with High Sierra 10.13+ (Mac testing will come after initial Windows testing)

  3. An internet connection capable of live video streaming.

  4. A Discord account (to connect  to  the Seismic Squirrel team and screen share)

  5. A Steam account to download and run the game.

  6. A quiet space to play with minimal distractions and very little ambient noise.

Will I be compensated for my time?

We know that your time is valuable and even though we think there is a high value in having fun, we want your focused attention and candid responses so you will always be given a token of our appreciation. The cash value will be discussed when we contact you for your availability.

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