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An Origin Story: Some Introductions

We’ve introduced our founders, Jays and Seth, but, there is a lot more that goes into a company than it simply being founded. Right now, we have three members of the team, Josh, me, and Conner. If you’re interested in our games, find out a little bit of what makes us tick.

The Start

Frog, Josh Enz
Josh is like a poison dart frog: hard to photograph....

Joshua Enz is our product manager, meaning he does a lot of work keeping the team together. He coordinates our odd schedules and makes sure that there is something playable at the end of the project. He does a bang-up job too, and though he might attribute his management skills to running a warehouse, I feel it would have more to do with being the oldest of eleven siblings. Surprisingly, Josh did not grow up with video games, but with a million small children at his beck and call, there were ample test subjects for his homemade board games and RPG's. Eventually, video games made an appearance in his life, but the love for homemade stories still drive him to this day.

Tyler Whitney, writer, designer
Me and my wife, Monica, and reason for everything.

The Narrator Humbly Introduces Himself

Without Josh there wouldn’t be a lot at Seismic Squirrel, including myself. We went to college together and I had somehow roped him into joining the debate team. On trips to tournaments across the Pacific Northwest we would talk about life, philosophy, and just weird stupid stuff. We became friends, and I can remember him telling me of a really cool new job he had found at a video game company. I was interested, but too focused on studying Erich Remarque’s All Quiet on the Western Front for a midterm to give the video game industry too much thought. Eventually, with a post-graduation life looming over me and the need for a job to support me and new family, I gave it a second thought. If I had become good at anything in college, it was finding ideological subtext and playing video games for too long.

The Third Musketeer Joins

Connor Shea, Programmer, Game Designer
I am obligated to inform everyone that Connor is a vegan.

Josh and I have now been with the company for quite a while, doing our best in figuring out the world of video game development. We both worked on design, I wrote the stories and content, and Josh managed our development team at Happy Days Studio. But we were still missing something. Fortunately for us, Connor Shea was able to step in and fill the gaps we couldn’t figure out. A recent graduate of DigiPen, Connor knew programing and design like the back of his hand. He hadn’t grown up with video games, though he does fondly remember overplaying Madden ’04 and Need for Speed: Most Wanted with friends. Instead, a love for video games came later when he discovered that they offer a world he could control: variables and strings he could program predictably and problems that had concrete answers.

Superhero Kid
No photo proof to confirm or deny if this is Joshua Enz.

An Origin for Something

Origin stories, especially with super hero's, always seem to assume eventual greatness, something that ties the viewer to the protagonist despite the hardship. But that’s not how life is, we don’t know who will make it or who won’t. We can strive and hope, but there is no guarantee we “make it”. That can sound scary, but along with that, I think it also brings excitement: excitement for the unknown tomorrow and the unknown next decade, excitement for a future we can sculpt. And perhaps in 10 years we will have all gone our separate ways, but then, what if we haven’t, what will we have made? What will we have become?

If you want to join and follow our journey and story, like us on Facebook and sign up for updates below.

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