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Aether & Iron Blog - Flamethrowers and Skyscrapers

Dev Update

Let’s take some time to delve a little more into what we’ve been doing recently.


User Interface:

Our art and UI designers have designed a garage for car management, a place to place your weapons, crew, and armor. We’ll show a picture of this later when it’s more finalized.


  • Skyscraper fans rejoice! Gameplay now allows for proper buildings for both decoration and cover, as the game would be pretty boring without them. Aether & Iron will be full of these city landscapes, and this picture is just a taste of what’s to come. Just note this is just a block in and not fully representative of the final game.

  • Some of the concept art is in the process of being rendered in 3D! Right now, we’re working on the main character, cars, and UI, but don’t worry, there will still be plenty of concept art for your viewing pleasure.


Now, Let’s talk about the Twitter posts from the past 2 weeks.


Flamethrowers! Flashy, burny, and tons of fun! Do you like to get up close and personal when dealing with enemies? Then a Flamethrower might be for you! While most people in New York are probably opposed to the widespread use of such heinous weapons, the less scrupulous Barons are more interested in results than petty things such as “ethics,” and allow them to be used on the condition that you’re not burning their subordinates. Please check your local laws before purchasing a Flamethrower.


Light Machine Guns are the bread and butter of the various factions patrolling the streets of New York. While maybe not as powerful as a cannon or as flashy as a flamethrower, LMGs are generally accurate and reliable, making them good, all-around weapons for dealing with most threats. Be careful when fighting heavily armored foes, though, as LMGs might not have the power to deal with them.


Aether is widely considered to be the 5th state of matter, one that was only harnessed and understood as recently as the late 1800s. Its discovery shaped not only New York, but also the world, in ways unprecedented and forms the backbone of society in the 1930s. While most applications are helpful or benign, Aether can also be used for weaponry, such as this Red Aether Beam. Aether comes in various colors, and unlike more stable variants like blue Aether, red Aether is heavily unstable and prone to explode. Instead of simply discarding it, smart engineers designed weapons that carefully harness this aforementioned instability to create very destructive devices. Dangerous, powerful, and a lot of fun when you’ve followed all the safety tips in the Owner’s Manual, Aether Beams are rare outside of the Heights, but it isn't too hard to find one if you know where to look.


And now, for something completely different - we wanted to show off these map markers. You’ll find these highlighting points of interest, events, missions, and other such things on the map of New York. We’re trying to design them in a way that makes them easily readable, such as quest-type emblems (that steering wheel up there, for instance), while also providing us room to color them in, just in case we want to provide even more details. On top of that, these markers have been given an Art Deco design to properly match the 1930’s aesthetic. You’ll be seeing a lot of these as you work your way through New York, and we wanted to design something pleasant and easy on the eyes.


Thank you for joining us for this update! We’ll show more in 2 weeks!


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