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Aether & Iron Blog - Marquees & Mentors

Dev Update

Let’s take some time to delve a little more into what we’ve been doing recently.

  • We sent out a call for testers recently, but some things have come up and the testing has been delayed. We hope to get this straightened out very soon but apologize for the wait.

  • The house of one of our team members was hit by lightning! He’s okay, as is his computer, but it’s definitely shaken him up. To commemorate the event, we've drawn up this highly detailed artist’s depiction of the event for your viewing pleasure.

Now, Let’s talk about the Twitter posts from the past 2 weeks.


The 1920s and ’30s had a very distinct Art Deco style, which had clean lines, geometric forms, and an all-around “flashy” feel. Marquees, such as these, are fully emblematic of the times and are right at home in the Uppers, which are styled around that time period.

Much like the other vignettes shown last blog post, these marquees are designed to help players feel immersed in the world, with all the neon brightness and angular shapes that we can give them!


The Lowers of New York are still thematically stuck in the 1910s and '20s, and the sorts of vehicles you’ll find there match that aesthetic. These cars are based on classics such as the Model-T or Pierce-Arrow Model 66 while being given a unique spin.

Besides simply looks, we wanted this post to introduce the concept of vehicle “classes”, as the cars you’ll find in Aether & Iron will fall into one of three categories: Light, Medium, and Heavy, each with their own pros and cons. With Light vehicles being weak but maneuverable, Heavy vehicles being slow but durable, and Medium vehicles striking a balance between the two, there will be plenty of diversity in both enemies you’ll fight and cars you can drive. We’ll be showing off the other vehicle types as time goes on.


Aether & Iron isn’t just a game about cars, but also characters. Yes, learning to navigate the winding streets of New York in a souped-up car is important, but so is tending to your relationships with people and other factions on your way to the top. This particular character is one of the many that you’ll be working with, who we have nicknamed “The Mentor,” and we look forward to you exploring his story and many others as you journey through New York.

Concept art is important when designing characters, especially ones like this, where we’re trying to nail down the look we want for the Mentor. He’s been in the business for a long time, and we wanted his look to feel archaic, while also fitting nicely with the rest of the game’s 1930s style. The suit and trilby were a must, and we felt that the scarf adds that pop of color that makes him memorable. The gold of the scarf’s pattern and the head of his cane is there to remind you that he is a man worthy of your respect, even if he’s no longer at the height of his power.


Ah, yes, the Black Tails again! Everyone’s favorite ruthless band of mercenaries is getting some more love with this new, redesigned emblem! Look very closely and you’ll notice the animal they consider their namesake - the Black-Tailed Rattlesnake!

While we had tested out a temp emblem in the past (which you’ve probably seen in previous posts), we’ve finally finalized it into what you see now. The process to choose this one involved plenty of creations and revisions, with tons of styles and colors for the snake, ranging from stylized to realistic. We felt this one was the best, as their primary color scheme is green and black, the snake is just realistic enough to feel pretty menacing while also stylized enough to make an impression, and the knife is important to really drive home that they mean business in their brutal ways. Remember, snakes are no joke, both in real life and on the streets of New York.


Thank you for joining us for this update! We’ll show more in 2 weeks!


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