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Announcing Lights of Fellion: An Adventure Into the Light

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

It is hardly unique to claim Zelda as an influence or inspiration. The cultural icon has become so common that even suburban house moms who know less about video games than an 18th century mechanic have most likely asked at least once, “Is that a Zelda?” That being said, just as most story games originated from Zork, starting a game with a love for Zelda doesn’t mean the product of inspiration is any less exciting. Lights of Fellion is born from playing Zelda as kid while eating cookie dough with your sibling early in the morning and wanting to create something that celebrates a childhood of good memories.

The Wisteria Forest, one of the few places where the Darkness has dissapeared.

Light, lost in the Dark

Lights of Fellion is a 3D puzzle platformer with a simple narrative premise: long ago, Fellion was captured by the forces of Darkness, covering the planet in a dense black fog. A millennia later, to the surprise of those who adapted their lives and built communities in the dark, a small valley was able to expel the darkness, allowing light and color back into the world, if but a sliver. Our hero, Somi, a mix between a wood elf and faun, curious of the light, is drawn out of her home in the darkness to explore the new bright world. Though delighted at the color and vibrancy of a life in the light, she is left broken at the realization that she can never return to the Darkness where her family still resides. Homeless and wandering, Somi must now find her place in a strange beautiful world.

A Dad's Dream

Brain Food. I've tried veggies, they do nothing.

Though the story of Fellion started in a Montanan birth room stocked with chocolate ice cream and surrounded by the equipment of a midwife, the origin of the project started sometime earlier. When a crowded conventional hall was still something normal that people did, Don Mottaz was working the Wishes booth at PAX 2017 with Seth Crofton. In between selling plushies and merch, they started talking about video games. Don loved playing them with his kids: watching them enjoy fantasy worlds and creating long lasting memories. Seth suggested that Don fund his own game, something he knew would be content appropriate for his kids and would have all the elements he loved in a game. Just over a year later, the quest to create Lights of Fellion began.

Stay in Contact

The world of Fellion is currently in development by both Seismic Squirrel and Happy Day Studios with our initial release planned for early 2021. We still have a lot left to work on, but we still have much to share with you! Send us your email below and follow us on Facebook to make sure that you keep up with the project!

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