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Æther & Iron Artist Profile: Juan Carlos Santos Mendoza

A Quick Aside

The incredibly creative: Juan Carlos Santos Mendoza

Continuing the series of asking our artists some fun questions, I would like to present Juan Carlos Santos Mendoza, or, as you may recognize him from Art Station, Jean-Paul Fiction. Some of his vehicle work so far on the game has already made an appearance on our blog, such as this and this, and I'm sure most of you are just as wowed and excited by the work he has created for us. We are truly privileged to have caught his eye and we can't wait to share with you more of the vehicles he's worked on. Till then, he has to answer some fun questions for ya'll!

The Questions

So, Who are You?

"I am a concept designer and illustrator for some years now. I’ve done some work for board games, film and videogames. I am very much obsessed with dragons, ships and the long lost child between them."

Favorite B-Movie?

"Oh there’s quite a few, but I'll pick: Ice Pirates from 1983, I got to love how despite all -low budget, script flaws- they made it fun to watch. Oh! And John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness from 1987. It scared the hell out of me when watched it as a kid. Now I think it has some very clever concepts, more sci-fi than horror. Very undervalued to my perspective."

If you could visit the swim park for a day with one person from history, who would it be and why?

"I’ll go with Nicola Tesla, I think he would improve some very sick water slides. If we are not electrocuted in the process... I mean."

What is the smallest "pet peeve" that you have?

"Somebody close suddenly grabbing popcorn -or other snack- from my bag. I'm not selfish, just ask, please."

What makes you excited about Aether and Iron?

"I love the mix between my favorite genres: Steampunk and Medieval fantasy, with an intriguing story behind. And i get to create concepts for it, also: They have flying cars!"

Make Sure to Keep Up

Juan Santos has made some seriously cool stuff , so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter below for the newest in game art, follow our Facebook, and seriously, check out his portfolio here!

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