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The Chase Scene Journey

Last week, we debuted one of our big art pieces we've been working on! Since we didn't spend much time explaining what was going on, we thought we'd show off a slice of our artistic journey!

We started off wanting to convey the character of the Aether & Iron world--It's Flying! There are Battling Cars! The city is Industrious and filled with Secrets! We then realized we wanted a lower camera to imbue a sense of awe and grandeur to the background while maintaining the sense of flight so we stuck a big steam-runner (blade-punk?) cathedral in the background!

It wasn't quite feeling right, so taking a que from Star Wars, we placed the camera in a crevasse between two territories to help form the action. Then we moved onto coloring. We really wanted to borrow from the steampunk-industrial vibe, so we used golds and browns to give a grimey / old-timey feel. And then from there, we went into details, adding in the adverts, the shops, and the characters!

For the characters, we used some concept vehicles we're playing with as the background cars and plopped in some villain concepts from the [[redacted]] faction. Then, for the foreground vehicle, we grabbed a concept from the opposing [[redacted]] faction, nicknamed the "Assassin Car" for reasons obvious in the faction name, and voila! A high-stakes escape! An action-filled shootout! A mysterious purpose deep in enemy territory!

Make Sure to Keep Following!

Special shout out to Duane and Randen for their excellent work on making this piece come to life! Make sure to read more about the project here, subscribe to our Newsletter below, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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