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COMPANY UPDATE: A New Game, an Exciting New Chapter

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Hello everyone!

It has been a hot minute since we’ve posted, though don’t mistake our silence with inactivity! You’ve probably noticed that much of our website has been changed to no longer include our previous projects. After many, many, many heart wrenching conversations, we have decided to end production of Lights of Fellion, Wild Wings, Tributary, and Leviathans: Armored Skies. We have realized that the best path forward for our team to succeed is to focus on a single, unique, passionate project—a project that we are excited to (sorta) announce today!

Finding What is Important

Among the projects we have shelved are Lights of Fellion, Tributary, and Wild Wings. We realized while in production that none of these projects truly encapsulated what Seismic Squirrel was about, nor did they speak to the type of experience we want to leave our community. We lay to rest my dearest Somi of the Sazi forests and Liam Lionheart of the boundless oceans: May we someday see each other again, but for now we must say goodbye.

Saying Goodbye to Catalyst

The hardest and most agonizing decision we recently had to make was parting ways with Catalyst Game Labs and the Leviathans brand. We absolutely loved working with Catalyst; Loren Coleman, Bryn Bills, and their teams have been an outright pleasure to work with on the Leviathans: Armored Skies project. Unfortunately, as development progressed, we realized that we did not have the resources to bring our vision for an epic Leviathans game to life.

Our New Path Forward!

A vision of New York unlike you've ever seen!

To end this post with excitement, we would like to share some details about our upcoming, currently untitled, game that we're now designing. More details will be coming shortly, but for now I can tell you this: We are building a turn-based tactics game that emphasizes the story and the player's choices in affecting the world you have to climb through. Discover a new steampunk-inspired city filled with fantastic inventions, extravagant characters, and a story that takes you through an amazing alternate history of New York! While that is as much as I can tell you for now, enjoy this early concept art from Tom Lintern and make sure to subscribe below and follow us on Facebook!

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