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Changes at Seismic Squirrel

Hello everyone!

It has been a roller-coaster of a ride this last year, full of challenges and growth. As you may have noticed, our website has taken down several projects, including Leviathans: Armored Skies. Unfortunately, Seismic Squirrel has ceased work on all previous projects and parted ways with Catalyst Game labs, though hope is still on the horizon.

Finding What is Important

Among the projects we have shelved are Lights of Fellion, Tributary, and Wild Wings. We realized while in production that none of those projects truly encapsulated what Seismic Squirrel was about, nor did they speak to the type of experience we want to leave our community. We lay to rest my dearest Somi of the Sazi forests and Liam Lionheart of the boundless oceans: May we someday see each other again, but for now we must say goodbye.

Saying Goodbye to Catalyst

The hardest and most heartbreaking decision we had to make recently was parting ways with Catalyst Game Labs and the Leviathans brand. We absolutely loved working with Catalyst; Loren Coleman, Bryn Bills, and both of their teams have been an outright pleasure to work with on the Leviathans project. Unfortunately, as development progressed, we realized that we did not have the resources to bring our vision for an epic Leviathans game to life.

Moving Forward

Our current project builds off the passions we found while developing Leviathans: strong storytelling and exciting tactical combat. The Seismic Squirrel team is dedicated to creating an amazing experience for our players and there will be no shortage of materials to show in the coming weeks of our current project. Make sure you stay tuned with all the latest updates by either subscribing to our website and following our Facebook page.

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