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Designing Memorable Vehicles for Æther & Iron

As I have mentioned in a previous post, in crafting the stories of things in the world of Aether & Iron, I try to make sure that everything has an origin and fits in the world. An important part of that is coming up with the Player Vehicles and asking the question: why are these vehicles chosen for the Player to use?

Early first concept, messing around with weapon composition.

Learning from Others

Hades explains the weapons Zagreus uses because certain weapons transcend time and space to choose their wielder, but despite just being a tool, each weapon actually has a sort of character arc that lead to uncovering the secret aspect. Since we aren't really going in the supernatural direction, I want to draw inspiration from history to bring iconic vehicles to life in our universe.

Maybe getting closer to composition and steampunk-ification of the car.

Something Iconic

For many, the romanticized Bonny and Clyde story is a part of the US mythology, enough so that there is even a dedicated museum to their crime spree. One of the most notable exhibits found in Gibsland, Louisiana, preserved for just short of a century, is their shot-up vehicle. In our world, Bonny and Clyde's crime tendencies were in the service of a now-dead kingdom. Their actions were obscured by the common occurrence of violence, and when they died in a hail of gun fire, their iconic vehicle was resigned to the junkyard heap. From there it was retrofit into a flagship of the Usurper King to use in glorious battle!

Sometimes Color really helps bring a concept sketch to life.

Make Sure To Keep Up!

Check out another vehicle concept and another one! We will be releasing new information constantly about the project, make sure to stay up do date by following us on Facebook and subscribing to our Newsletter right below!

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