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Backdrop of War: The Tactical Terrain Concept

Though you will be flying far above the world, you are not floating amongst an unknown world, but rather a familiar one. Though the history of WW1 has changed, it’s green fields and azure waters still remain. Sometime back, I posted about trying to figure out the general look for the geography of the game using Sanda Gavriliuc's art to reflect the feeling found in the art of the time. After determining the general look for the world, we then had Sanda continue with the world and create some designs for different parts of the environment to help establish our style.

Where You're Going

Though we plan on expanding the game to include theaters all across the world, for our initial launch, we are intending to keep the campaign around the English Channel. Spanning from Kent, to the Channel Islands, to Brittany, the current campaign allows us to focus on making one biome with more detail and a more coherent story with our resources. At some point, we’d love to take you all the foundations of Mount Everest, the plains of German East Africa, the jungles of Peru, or the frozen wastes of Siberia, but for now, we are biding our time to bring you quality game with what we have.

What We Have Right Now

We have several environment concepts to show you for what we do have, including Paris, a British Industrial zone, the Cliffs of Dover, and a peaceful countryside. With some we have the destroyed versions as well, showcasing how the environment might change over time. If you would like to stay involved in the game to see how these concepts mature, subscribe to our page below and follow our Facebook page!

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