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The Story Behind the Lights of Fellion Logo

It’s been a while since we’ve put up an update on Lights of Fellion since we’ve been busy with another project, Leviathans: Armored Skies. But don’t fret! Development has been picking up on Lights of Fellion and we are hoping show footage by January! We would like to take the time, however, to highlight a fun development: our logo is in and it is gorgeous!

The Lightbulb Moment

There is a reason I'm not the company artist....

It dawned on us much later than it most likely should have, that we need to have logo built for a game that was halfway through development. We had been far more concerned with the story and art direction and all other sort of things that it skipped our minds. Not long after a panicked search, we found an amazing artist, Anna Jasinski, on ArtStation. We were immediately drawn to her work for her commitment to the hand drawn look and her incredible work on the Ori and The Blind Forest logo.

Gosh this game was good.

First Contact

On our first call, I was not nearly as composed as I should have been, and to be honest, I fan-girled a little bit to talk to one of the artists on Ori. She was gracious enough to humor a starstruck fan halfway around the world, though after getting to know her, I hardly think she could have ever been anything but kind. When I finally stopped fawning, we talked about what needed to show up in the logo for Lights of Fellion. Our game focused on vibrancy and the persistence of light in the face of darkness, so naturally, we wanted the logo to reflect that as well. She seemed to get it pretty quick and it didn't take long to see the quality of work Anna was capable of.

The Creation Process

She first started with a few days of ideas and scribbles, trying to figure out how to turn our conversations into something real before committing to a full pencil sketch. Once she was happy with those, she created some digital versions, taking special care to keep the hand drawn look we wanted. We then went through several rounds of refinement, talking about boring stuff like character weight and image resolution, but by the end, we received an amazing piece of art that gave us everything we wanted in a logo.

The Eventual End

In a way, this post is just as much an update as it is a chance to show some appreciation. So thank you, Anna, for fun conversations about political insanity, hair coloring, and humoring my curiosity about Ori. Thank you for your amazing work, your talent, your care, and may you someday find yourself on a sunny beach without the worry of a rising tide!

If you would like to follow our project more, or if you want to follow Anna’s work, make sure to follow our blog and Facebook, and her ArtStation.

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