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The Brightly Colored World of Fellion

Growing up, I was always so bummed at the thought of devs having to cut their games because of this reason for that reason. It wasn’t until I started in the industry did I realize why games change so much; why ideas get cut or changed. Everyone has hundreds of really good ideas, but they just can’t all be fit in realistically. Lights of Fellion has gone through several iterations before reaching the current version. On that journey, we have lots of concept art documenting where we’ve come from and where we’re going! Today, I want to share some of those with you!

A Quick Aside

First off, don't worry, Lights of Fellion is still under consistent development and plans to release by the beginning of next year! The changes we are referencing happened long ago, and the current project is under no risk. Before I introduce the pieces of art, I also want to give a quick shout out to our amazing concept artist Bianca Morelos, who has endured a lot of our ideas to create some fabulous work. Ever since we found her work on Art Station, we absolutely fell in love with what she can do and the worlds she creates.

The Old Man's house has nothing to do with personal wish fulfillment...

For Personal Reasons

As the lead in coming up with the story and art direction with this game, I personally found it really important to utilize color as much as possible. If you met me in person, you might be able to figure out because of a clashing outfit, but virtually or otherwise, you could not guess I was colorblind. A lot of colors run together or outright seem to disappear for me, and at times, I’m left confused at my friend's décor choices. (This could also have nothing to do with my vision and all to do with their terrible sense of style.) For Lights of Fellion, I wanted a game that I could see, a game where I could marvel at the colors while I moved through an adventure. The bright Wisteria-like trees, for example, as seen in the last post, is a forest I would love to live in. The Old Man’s house also utilizes lots of bright greens and yellows that help showcase a garden bursting with color.

The Cutting Room Floor

As said before, there are some parts of this colorful world that we had to unfortunately cut. The image below is from one of our initial ideas to have a series of dream sequences the character had to move through to gain powers over the light and deal with some unresolved emotional conflict. This one, the “Rift of Freedom”, had our main character, Somi, enter an open-air maze consisting of chains and haunted by the shadowed versions of the life she left behind. By the end, Somi would have fully understood the significance of leaving the darkness behind and the gift of living in the light. Ultimately, though the color and style fit the world, we had to cut the idea of running away from shadow men since it broke too much with the tone of the rest of the game. 

Where do the chains come from? Or go? Shhh, it's a dream sequence.

Stay Tuned!

We have a lot of art to show you, and we can’t wait to tell you more about the world we’ve created! Subscribe to our page or follow our Facebook to receive all the latest updates on Lights of Fellion. While you’re waiting, check out some of other games we’re working on and maybe you’ll find another project to be excited about!

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