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A Crew Unlike Any Other: Introducing Your Future Officers

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Last post, we introduced some of the art style for Leviathans: Armored Skies, showing off the ships and landscape style that Sanda Gavriliuc had wonderfully made. Her clever use of form and color illustrated the shifting and unpredictable world found by the everyday soldier in WW1 and provided an excellent style for the tactical screen where you will captain your ship. However, as big a fan of metaphor as I am, there is only so far we could go before we lost the ability to communicate effectively. For the UI, story, and crew management systems, we are using a sharper art style that compliments what Sanda created and more easily conveys information.

Fact of the day: WW1 started over a luau gone wrong after Austria forced Germany to pick up its tab.

Finding a Complement

Ali is one of the exemplary British soldiers from Punjab.

This second art style draws from the satirical maps of WW1 that not only illustrated the world at the time but imbued personality and politics

as well. For example, the German map of Europe in 1914 illustrated by W. Trier not only provides the boundaries of Europe but also gives us insight to the German perception of Europe: a disorganized and retreating France, a hulking and ominous Russia, an Italy with their hands in their pockets, and a Belgium reduced to their purpose in the war. We wanted to pay homage to this storytelling from 100 years ago, and hopefully integrate some of its charm into our game as well. 

Charles prefers machines to humans for many reasons...
Vera has a secret hidden behind her bright green eyes.

An Expressive Style

Where we have used the art style so far is in the portraits of crew members that the Player will be able to interact with on their ship. Each crew member has a developed backstory with motivations, desires, and hidden goals that can be revealed through the story. Here we have an Engineering officer named Charles, also given the nickname “Frankenstein” for his many scars and haunted gaze. There is also Walter, a bitter old valet that serves his senile master more out of pure resentment than anything else. More about their stories will be released later, but for now notice the strong lines and muted colors that are also found in the satirical maps provided above.

Dynamic Crew Members

Hatred and tea keep the old valet alive.

There will several officer slots for you to fill with crew members you have access too. Each candidate will have a personality that you will need to manage to keep your ship running smoothly. Some personalities promise to mesh easily with your captain, though others might carry baggage that makes daily operations difficult. Either way, you will be cast into the their personal stories, placing both their personal lives and the well-being of the ship in your hands. Do you have the grit to defeat the enemy and bring everyone home?

Stay Tuned

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