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Announcing the Leviathans: Armored Skies Video Game Logo!

We have a new logo! Since we first struck a deal with Catalyst Game Labs, we've been trying to create a new logo for Leviathans: Armored Skies, using a modified version of thiers in the mean time. Well now we get to finally share what we have!

Lee Christmas, or, the Supreme Banana Commander

A Quick Non-Sequitur

Why did we wait so long to show the new logo? Well, that’s mostly my fault for not getting around to it in-between working with our artists, writing the stories for the different characters, and reading fun hidden stories from the early 20th century. For example, in 1911, General Christmas led a mercenary army on behalf of the Cuyamel Fruit Company to overthrow the government of Honduras. His use of machine guns in the conflict laid the foundation for their use in WW1. It gets a lot more interesting, but I'm off topic.

Sprucing Things Up a Bit

To move back on topic, our new logo was created in partnership with Happy Day Studio using parts of the original logo by Catalyst to create something that conveys our game. We wanted to add more to the logo to help tell the story of WW1 on the bring. Make sure to tell us what you think on our Facebook page!

Two eagle heads could mean Empire, or.... just that we were indecisive in which direction the head should face.

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