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Seismic Squirrel is Developing Leviathans: Armored Skies, the Video Game!

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Leviathans, flying airships fighting, French.
Leviathans at war!

A World In Turmoil

The 20th century made its debut upon a stage of human tragedy and the sacrifice of tens of millions, but what if it didn’t have to happen this way? What if the horrorscape of trenches and barbed-wire were rendered obsolete by a discovery that would change the world beyond recognition? What if, by some fluke of science, humanity discovered a lighter than air material that could lug massive war machines into the air? What if you could be the commander of one of these Leviathans in the War to end all wars?

The Leviathans miniatures board game by Catalyst Game Labs has already made its mark in the steampunk sphere with its WW1 alt-history, bringing a complex and original world to life with their extended universe of literature to accompany their game. Wishing to expand the world even further, the team at Seismic Squirrel would like to excitedly announce that we will be expanding the Leviathans Universe with our own video game, Leviathans: Armored Skies! We will be adding a new spin on the classic board game by introducing real-time strategy and some light RPG elements into the video game.

Will You Take The Challenge, Captain?

Alcantara takes on the Grief
The AMC Alcantara vs. a German Imperial Raider

For the initial launch of Leviathans: Armored Skies, you will become the captain of a lone electroid powered British Armed Merchant Class (AMC) vessel, imbued with the authority to raid France and cause general mischief. But when tragedy strikes in the early stages of the Great War, you must find a way to bring your crew safely home while avoiding a lurking French menace on the hunt.

Not confined by the standard regulations the British Navy had to follow, AMC’s were often staffed by an assortment of characters hand-picked by their owner with only a small contingent of naval officers. As captain of your own AMC, you will be able to recruit officers from all over the Empire, many with secrets and motivations of their own. Sailors from the Bahamas, disgraced officers from Scotland, artillerymen from Punjab, mad scientists from Scapa Flow, engineers from Egypt, and many others are all at your beck and call to build your ideal crew.

Create The Most Feared Leviathan Europe Has Ever Known!

Gazetteer Image of scientists.
The discovery of Electroid was a major breakthrough!

But managing and interacting with the crew will only be one part of your responsibilities. Your ship is your castle, your bastion from which you will strike quickly against Britain's foes, but a ship that by no stretch of the imagination has the capacity to dominate the skies. Explore the odd mysterium of 20th century science, now with a steampunk twist, to adapt your ship to your enemies to navigate a raging war. Learn to strategically outmaneuver your opponents in combat to complete both objectives sent from high command and targets best left off the official report.

Don't miss out!

Leviathans: Armored Skies is still in early in development, but we still have a lot to share with you! Follow us on Facebook and our website for regular updates on the game and other projects we have going on.

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