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The Leviathans Team Grows: Welcome Dana Lombardy!

Dana Lombardy and just one of his wall of books!

We'd like to share a quick update with what is going on with us right now! We've recently connected with Dana Lombardy, a veteran historian and award-winning game designer, to help consult on some subjects pertaining to WW1 for Leviathans: Armored Skies. You might have seen him on the History Channel for his work in Tales of the Gun or read his World War One Illustrated Magazine.

Dana will be helping us on topic matters buried deep in the World War literature, connecting us with experts in the field, and adding a well researched and experienced voice to developing the alt-history surrounding the Leviathans world. If you haven't seen his work, make sure to check out his website and his new game on Kickstarter, The Great War, featuring the beautiul art of Roger B. MacGowan.

Really stoked to share some more stuff with you soon, but I have to wait!

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