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Æther & Iron: A New Year Hello!

We’ve been extremely busy behind the scenes here at Seismic Squirrel, working on Aether & Iron, (designing greebles and constructing pylons) so let’s catch you up!

Our Team has grown to twelve and contains veterans from both Diablo and Neverwinter (crazy right?!?)! I could sing praises forever of our whole team, but since I don’t have time, make sure to check them all out here! We’re still working from home in California, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Canada, and New York, though the distance seems like nothing when we see each other everyday.

An alt history scene: 1930's style cars that fly via aether are involved in a chase scene with bullets flying around and gangsters hanging outside of the windows of the cars to shoot at their chasing assailants. Surrounding them is a foggy, floating New York City background.
A timeline where the gangsters take to the skies rather than the streets.

For those of you just joining us, Aether & Iron is a story-driven tactics game that places you in the middle of a conflict in a flying, feudal 1930’s New York. You will become the Usurper, a down but not out rebel, who wishes to carve their own empire out of the metropolis. But will you depose the Duel Emperorship to rebuild the once great city in a new image? Or will you simply take the high throne for yourself? Or perhaps… but no… why even mention it? You wouldn’t choose that road anyway…

Itching for more? Rest assured we will be showing more and more art, screenshots, and gameplay as soon as we can. Make sure to read more about the project here, subscribe to our Newsletter, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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