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The Start of the Concept Art Blog

Hello Aether & Iron Fans,

I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Brenton, the new Community Manager for Seismic Squirrel, and you may have noticed that we’ve been sending pictures of concept art on Twitter and Facebook over the past 2 weeks. “Why?”, you may ask? Because we’d like to let you see what we’re working on! Every 2 weeks, we’ll be handing you 4 new pieces of art, and then wrapping it up with a blog post like this one where we go into more detail on the cool things we’re working on.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Here is some concept art of a firetruck that operates in the Lowers of New York. Much of the Lowers were built in the 1870’s-1900’s, soon after Aether (the material that allows the cars and buildings to fly) was discovered. Because of such, their vehicles tend to represent the time period, often being very “turn-of-the-century” looking. Typically, the higher you go in New York, the more sleek and refined the trucks look, and we’ll show those off later.

It is now “later”! These are police cars from the Uppers, a collection of neighborhoods that sit above the Lowers. Compared to the firetrucks, you can see that these vehicles have a more Art Deco theme to them, which matches that of the rest of the Uppers. Corruption abounds, and many Barons use the police as their own security forces, maintaining order in their small sections of New York.

Car-mounted weaponry is going to be a large part of Aether & Iron, as vehicle combat is central to the gameplay. We want to give the players (and enemies) a wide array of guns to choose from, all having their own ups and downs. This picture shows off some of the weapons you might find on enemies in the Uppers - a flamethrower and a single-shot cannon.

The Uppers are home to the nefarious Black Tails Organization, which has these nice, souped-up, teal vehicles inspired by ’30s cars. As you can see, we want every vehicle in this game to feel both like a classic car while also being something unique to the world. While we can’t promise that all of these vehicles will make it into the game, we feel this concept art should give the overall feel we’re going for.

Thank you for reading through our first Concept Art Blog Post (or CABP, for short)! Keep an eye out for more posts on Twitter and Facebook! See you again in 2 weeks!


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