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What is Wild Wings Now?

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

If it hasn’t been clear from our previous posts about our origin and Lights of Fellion Project, Seismic Squirrel has strong connection with the past. We love the games and genres we grew up on, and our motivation for making new games is to convey the love and joy of our childhood to others. Our latest project, Wild Wings, is how we’d like to try to fill that nostalgic drive by mixing fun sentient fighter planes with an arcade style scrollers from when visible pixels were exciting.

The Cars universe has a Car Pope, the real question is then, in Hank Caruso's world, what type of aircraft is the Pope?

Don't Sue us Disney....

The Wild Wings universe, to be perfectly clear, is not some rip off of Disney’s Planes despite us having aircraft with giant eyes. Our characters come the mind of Hank Caruso, an honorary naval aviator, back-seater for the Blue Angels, and award-winning artist, not to be confused with Hank Caruso, the convicted forger who started Dollar Rent-a-Car. Hank Caruso (the artist) has been making aircraft caricatures since the 90’s, breathing life and story into metal and cold engineering.

False Starts

Leaked photo of Wii U prototype.

In 2014, Seth and Hank teamed up to print their caricatures and sell them as toys hoping to further the brand beyond aviation art enthusiasts, (which is a surprisingly large fandom). The merchandising led to making a video game with a successful Kickstarter. Everything was looking good, unfortunately, there was only one problem: the intended platform was for the Ouya. For the 95% of you who don’t remember what that was, imagine the whole situation as securing a loan to open a restaurant on the Titanic. As can be expected, the Wild Wings brand had to adjust, finding the freezing water of the Atlantic inhospitable.

Eating your enemies not CURRENTLY supported.

Finding a New Home

The game concept moved on to the Oculus (fortunately skipping a release on a Kinect), where it found another dead end. It would seem that there was no place for fun world in video games, that is, until we picked it up and started to breathe new life into the project. Currently we have three iterations of the project in development, each with a different genre. The original Wild Wings was adapted for the app store, where you can play it now. On top of that, we have a level runner called Wild Wings: Horizon about to be released on Steam and an unnamed side scroller that is still in development.

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