Build Your Empire: A Tactical Roguelike Experience

The Roguelike Recipe

Dying is normal. Well, at least in a roguelike where dying means you've learned something (hopefully) valuable and are able to try tackling the world differently the next time. In Aether & Iron, you will play the role of an Automaton usurper striving to conquer a mega-city, transferring your consciousness into a new body every time you die. Now, since there isn't any time-looping involved, this means that though you get to start over, the world you left behind your last life will be changed, but more on that elsewhere...

Besides dying, containing a procedurally generated world is pretty key to building a roguelike, and this is where mechanics and worldbuilding intersect! The New York of Aether & Iron is a massive mega-city composing of tens of millions in floating districts reaching thousands of feet (also thousands of meters, but like, only a third of the thousands of feet) into the sky. Amongst these floating city blocks, kingdoms fight out for territory, shifting the districts around as the need to. This means that each time you travel up through the cities, you will be fighting a new arrangement of enemies and districts!

The above images are some early concepts for how the grid and gameplay might look.

Take Your Time!

Aether & Iron wants you to be able to think for as long as you need to craft the perfect plan of action for either claiming the Emperor's Crown or in winning on the battlefield.

As the city shifts, the different type of missions, districts, enemies, and possible vassals all change each run. Perhaps one run you will become the scourge of the industrial Kingdoms, while the next run you could become the savior of the historical quarters! Maybe you will recruit an unhealthy mixture of scoundrel's to lead your newly acquired territories or maybe you will grant your new citizens the freedom they long for. An untold multitude of paths lie before you and it is up to you to decide the fate of this dystopian New York.

Meanwhile, when in combat, your vehicle will be flanked by your most elite mobile units recruited amongst the specialists found about the city: the coolest cars decked out in high tech (or low tech, whatever's your speed, mate) weaponry ready to fight. Fighting on a grid, you must defeat your opponent through a number of various objectives in a high-stakes turn-based system. One wrong move could mean your destruction and shameful return to the depths of the city to start again.

Make Sure To Keep Up!

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