Æther & Iron

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Impact the City

         New York is a massive and constantly shifting city, filled with thousands of cultures and peoples reacting differently to the phenomena surround them. Likewise, we want your experience in Aether and Iron to be similar where every action taken on and off the battlefield impacts the city around you long after your death.

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Build Your Empire

          Aether and Iron is a turn-based tactics game that has you climbing upward through a fantasy version of New York City. Build your Empire by collecting and vassalizing territories and turning their power into your own. Expand your borders till you finally you can challenge the Emperor who lives upon the Heights, the topmost region of New York.

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Explore the World

     Aether and Iron is composed of brightly colored characters living in a complex world filled with a rich history while responding to layered cultural phenomena. Taking influences from fantasy, science fiction, punk, and the deep history of New York, we have woven a unique world that you'll want to explore every corner over and over again.

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