Wild Wings, Lights of Fellion, Tributary Gamebook Games Collage

Our Games

From the violet forests of Fellion to the deep inner guts of space dragons, Seismic Squirrel has several projects under development; Lights of Fellion offers a beautiful adventure in a fantasy world, Wild Wings brings the arcade genre back to life with ridiculous caricatures, and our gamebooks give the reader the opportunity to build their own story. Explore what we have and find a new favorite!

The Team

Not unlike Tuffy, our Squirrel mascot, the Seismic Squirrel team embodies the words of William Shakespeare, "Though he be but little he is fierce". We may be small, but we bring an unmatched passion to our work!

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Corporate Tools

Since time in memorial, humanity has understood the world, learned moral lessons, and created community culture through stories passed on between us. Naturally, we must ask, whys should company training and advancement be any different. Our training tool, TT, allows you to create training scenarios that respond to the employee's choices, reaping a more dynamic and wholistic approach to company culture.