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Æther & Iron Artist Profile: Randen Wolaniuk

A Quick Aside

The especially brilliant: Randen Wolaniuk

You have already become acquainted with our character artist Mika Tanagi and our vehicle artist Juan Carlos Santos Mendoza (if you haven't yet, you should for sure!), and now I'd like to introduce you to Randen Wolaniuk, our Environmental Artist and newest member of the team!

Randen caught our eye when he first tested for us on a piece where we asked him to create a snapshot of the city of our Aether and Iron. Let's just say that he hit it out of the park with his attention to detail and dedication to telling a story with the piece. We haven't posted any of his work yet, but you'll see some soon! Promise!

The Questions

So, Who are You?

"Lover of concept design and world building, all the while being inspired by history. Been sketching from imagination for as long as I can remember."

Favorite B-Movie?

"Sharknado, I know it’s bad, but Sharknado."

If you could visit the swim park for a day with one person from history, who would it be and why?

"Probably a roman like Marcus Aurelius, just to show him how far bath houses have come. Later I could pick his brain in a hot tub or something…"

What is the smallest "pet peeve" that you have?

"Dirt under people's fingernails. I know it's petty but it just gets to me."

What makes you excited about Aether and Iron?

"1930’s style cars are already awesome as is. So when you tell me you're pimping them out and putting them in flying cities, naturally, I’m in!

Make Sure to Keep Up

Juan Santos has made some seriously cool stuff , so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter below for the newest in game art, follow our Facebook, and seriously, check out his portfolio here!

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