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Æther & Iron: A Night at the Opera

We have some fun art to show off! One of the recent discussions we’re having as a team is regarding the mood of Aether & Iron. The 1930's lends so much when it comes to aesthetic choices, both historically and in the popular romanticized imagination. We want to provide a dark dystopian city with points of hope found in the characters and environment, but there are plenty of unknowns still in what that looks like.

A concept picture of a vast, golden glowing Opera house on a floating platform with 1930's style cars flying around off to the left of the platforms.
The golden halls of the Upper Cities host only the most lavish parties.

The above piece created by Nick Harran is one of our mood concepts we're using to put together our vertical slice--a demo reel that we're hanging our heart and soul on. It shows a night at the opera in the Uppers, a place of sophistication and high society. But underneath the blinding lights, a secret lies hidden, a dark secret intertwined with science gone wrong and the efforts taken to cover it all up...

We pulled inspiration from Sky Captain, King Kong, Star Wars, and Hugh Ferris. It was a lot of fun to kludge them together to create something awesome! Hope you enjoy it!

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